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Powerewall 2 has arrived at Solar Storage Australia.

Sick of SA's blackouts? 

Powerwall 2 provides black out protection to keep your lights on and your house powered during a black out, so you wont miss the cricket or the football and you can still entertain and finish cooking dinner during a black out.... sounds good? 

Powerwall 2 can power an average 2 bed room home for a full day or a 4 bed room family home for up to 12 hours. 

Powerwall 2 provides the ultimate energy efficiency add on to your home when paired with a new or existing solar system. 

With black out protection Powerwall 2 keeps your lights on.

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Have solar installed already? Tesla can be retro fitted to any system. 

Do not have room for Solar but still want black out protection? we can do this too. 

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Get a Tesla Powerwall 2

  • Tesla Powerwall 2 with SMA Sunny Boy 5.0 Inverter and 5kW of Trina 295 Watt mono Panels fully installed from $16,900* and incluing black out protection.
  • Retro Fit Powerwall to existing Solar System with Blackout Protection fully installed from $9,900*

* Site visit required whereupon a firm quote will be provided. Price includes any STC rebates being assigned to Solar Storage Australia and you accept our terms and conditions on order.